Plug Exchange

It is always possible, to exchange the license plug (aka dongle) in use for a license plug of another design. The costs of this exchange are the following:

Exchange of a license plug (any design) for a USB license plug 100,-- €
Exchange of a license plug (any design) for an ExpressCard license plug 100,-- €
Additional charge for customers without maintainance contract 45,-- €

Additionally to the prices there will be a charge of 6,-- € for shipment and processing, as well as VAT.

If you want to exchange your license plug, please follow these steps:

1. Begin by coordinating the exchange with our staff via phone or mail.

2. After that send the old license plug to our office in Dresden. It is important to send them as registered mail (German: Einschreiben) and in a padded envelope as license plugs in regular letters unfortunately get lost often and are not reimbursed by german post service providers.

3. When the old license plug reached us, we usually send the new license plug via registered mail within 3 work days.


Exchange of a defective license plug

The exchange of broken license plugs is the same as described above, just as the price for the component of 100€.

At this point we want to repeatedly point to the fact that the license plug is the license certificate of the programme and can thus not be replaced when lost.