Activate licence plugs for updates or subsequently acquired interfaces and modules


The right to download and use programme updates is usually included in FBS licenses for 1-2 years - depending on the contract. For this reason it can happen that the license plug has to be unlocked first to allow the installation of new updates.


Modules and interfaces that were purchased subsequently:

Every FBS license plug logs, which modules and interfaces are accessible to it. So if for example someone wants to use the FBS railML interface,  a license plug where the interface is enabled for use has to be plugged into the computer.

When the license plug is first delivered, all modules and interfaces that were ordered are already enabled for use. It still happens a lot, that modules and interfaces are ordered later on. To use these additional licenses the FBS license plug hast du first be unlocked for them.

How to unlock updates for a license plug

To unlock license updates please follow these steps:

1. The license update can be activated in the FBS starting window (programme FBS.exe). This programme is part of FBS and can be started directly from a flash drive or CD, if needed.

2. In the FBS starting window click on "Service and trouble shooting" → "Check for new license updates".

3. After a successful update, the new module or interface will be shown when clicking "Service and trouble shooting" → "Check for updates" (if it wasn't already installed). Please note that administrator rights are needed one-time for installing.

If there are problems with the license updates, please contact our office in Dresden.