License Plug

The License plug is the key to working with FBS at your workplace. In order to use FBS on your computer after a successful installation, it is imperative that a license plug is plugged in. Accessing the license plug via "Terminal Server" or "Remote Desktop" is unfortunately not possible, as it is not supported by the producer of the license plugs due to legal licensing reasons.

The license plug is available in 3 different designs right now:

  • ExpressCard-license plug
  • Standard-USB-license plug [Typ A] in normal size,
  • Standard-USB-license plug [Typ A] in small size

Functionally the three designs are the same.

Please always remember to handle your license plug with care. The license plug is the license certificate of your programme and can therefore not be replaced when lost.


Unlock subsequently purchased interfaces and modules

License plug broken?

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