RailML® Interface (among others Open Track)

For many years FBS has been developing special interfaces to third party systems, which are used productively by a variety of customers. The indisputable advantages of these interfaces are opposed by a huge maintenance effort, which is unfortunately reflected in a corresponding effort of time and costs for the customers. That's why iRFP has been intensivly involved in the development of an exchange format for railway data that is as uniform as possible - the XMLexchange format railML® - since 2002 . Thus FBS data can be interchanged with third party systems in raimML® format easier.

Scope of the FBS-railML interface

Programs for Data Exchange

RailML data created in FBS can generally be used in all railML-2 compatible programmes. On the railML consortium's homepage you can find an overview of the railML partners and programs with a railML interface.

With the following programs FBS data was and is exchanged. At iRFP we have in- depth experience, we will gladly share with you.

  • InLineWeb - dynamic passenger information, producer: Interautomation Deutschland GmbH (Berlin, Germany)
  • IVU.rail.crew - work scheduling and disposition, producer: IVU Traffic Technologies AG (Berlin, Germany)
  • OpenTrack - synchronic operational simulation, producer: Open Track Railway Technology GmbH (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • PSItraffic - dynamic passenger information, producer: PSI Transcom GmbH (Berlin, Germany)
  • RailOpt - work scheduling and disposition, producer: QNAMIC AG (Hägendorf, Switzerland)
  • Trapeze Duty Manager - work scheduling and disposition, producer: TRAPEZE Deutschland GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Travis Eco - operations control system for regional trains, producer: Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik GmbH (Kiel, Germany)
  • VABnet - vehicle tracking and visualization, producer: Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
  • VISUM - traffic forecasts and demand simulations, producer: PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG (Karlsruhe, Germany)