41103: I created an interval graphic. Afterwards there were changes in the timetables. How can the interval graphic now be synchronised with the timetable?

To update an interval graphics, there is a synchronization function available. This can be called up from the menu item "Graphic" --> "Synchronize with timetables" or, if you have selected an interval line, by a right-click on the interval graphics. You can choose from three synchronisation options:

Current interval line´s point: Only the line point clicked on is synchronized with the timetable.

Current interval line: Only the currently selected interval line is synchronized.

Whole interval graphic: All elements of the interval graphics are synchronized.

It is important to know that there are two reference trains / reference lines for each interval line (one for each direction of travel). These serve as source data for the interval line. If these reference trains have been deleted in the timetable, or their train number or the line number has been changed, then the interval line now lacks the reference and it will be marked as "Train (part) is vanished" during the synchronisation. When performing the synchronisation, the interval line would then be deleted.

Since this is not desirable in all cases (e.g. reference trains have changed train numbers after the timetable change), there is the possibility of editing the reference of an interval line. This requires the following steps:

  1. First mark the desired line in the interval graphics.
  2. After a right-click, select the menu item "Properties".
  3. After a right-click in the box "Source data of interval line (informational only)" click in the box "Allow changes".
  4. Now a three-point button appears behind the reference train / reference line. After pressing this button, you can now select both references again.

If you have changed the references of the interval line, you can synchronise them with the timetable in the usual way with the help of the synchronisation function.

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