40713: I would like to move trains manually between several circulation plans, but still be made aware of new trains when updating.

If you manually move trains between circulation plans, the circulation plans are usually operated in the filter mode (see also topic #40712). The programme maintains a train part number filter per circulation plan in the background, which shows which train part belongs to which circulation plan.

In the filter mode, it is also possible that newly added trains / train parts are reclassified as new in at least one of the circulation plans involved. For this purpose, there are so-called positive and negative filers: A positive filter causes only the train parts whose numbers are listed in the filter to be contained in the circulation plan. A negative filter causes all the train parts, whose numbers are not in the filter, to be included in the circulation plan. Exactly the latter is therefore the right solution for new trains / train parts: their number is inevitably in no filter, which is why new trains always "appear" in the circulation plans with negative filter.

(Preconditions are, of course, that they are part of the matching engine series and are not excluded by possible line restrictions, but these conditions generally apply regardless of the mode of the circulation plan.)

If you move the first trains into another circulation plan with the function (multiple selection, right mouse button) selected drives --> move into other circulation plan, for the first time, the circulation plan,

  • into which the drives were moved, gets a positive filter: "Only train parts with the numbers... (those already in the circulation plan additional to the newly added ones)".
  • out of which the drives were moved, gets a negative filter: "No train parts with the numbers... (those just removed out of the circulation plan) “.

The existing filters are only adapted with each further shift; the type of filter (positive / negative) remains unchanged.

In this way, the first (original) circulation plan always retains a negative filter and is thus also the circulation plan, which is "susceptible" to new train components. A newly added train part would be "offered" first in this circulation plan, and can then be manually moved to another ("submitted").

(You can see whether a circulation plan in the filter mode has a positive or negative filter via the menu circulation plan --> synchronise with graphic timetable --> edit train part no. filter.)

Last update on 04.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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