40712: In my circulation plan "manual selection" is displayed, although I did not use the window "Select trains manually". How do you get rid of this state?

The manual selection state is displayed whenever at least one train deviates with respect to the engine or line from what was stated as the engine and the line(s) during the generation of the circulation plan. If there are no restrictions on lines, only the engine model series is decisive.

Thereby it is irrelevant how a deviating train got into the circulation plan - this can also be achieved in other ways than by using the window select trains manually:

  • The train was moved from another circulation plan to this one by usage of the function (multiple selection, right mouse button) selected drives - > move to other circulation plan.
  • The train has been newly inserted manually (edit --> insert train) and thereby an engine or line specification was entered that does not correspond to the settings of the circulation plan. (It is generally not recommended to enter trains manually into circulation plans - this should only be reserved for special services such as maintenance, manoeuvring, etc.).
  • In the case of an automatically selected train, the engine or line indication was subsequently changed so that it no longer corresponds to the settings of the circulation plan. (Again, it is not recommended to change this data for the trains in the circulation plan.)

Example: There is an engine series "Tw1" in a network and the lines "Line1" and "Line2". A circulation plan for each line of the vehicle series is created. Now, several trains are marked in line 1 of the circulation plan of line 1 and moved to the circulation plan of the line 2. Thus, the circulation plan of the line 2 automatically switches to manual selection, because now rides are contained that do not correspond to that line setting.

What consequences has the mode manual selection? It causes the "foreign" trains to not be displayed as being dropped when they are updated - they are accepted by the programme in this circulation plan, even though they contradict the original settings. At the same time, however, trains that were newly added to the graphic timetables would not be displayed as to be picked up newly.

How can I switch back to the automatic selection or filter mode? For this purpose, it would be necessary to remove the "interfering" train parts, no matter which way: they can be "deferred" to another circulation plan, they can be excluded in the window select trains manually or simply deleted (this is not recommended). In any case, the programme will automatically turn off the manual selection mode once the conditions are met.

How can you move train runs between circulation plans without entering manual selection mode? It is necessary to prevent the train rides from violating line settings. Therefore, start the first circulation plan, e.g. without restriction of the lines - you will first receive one circulation plan for all train rides. Now move the first journeys that shall not be part of this circulation with (multiple selection, right mouse button) selected drives --> move to other circulation plan --> in new circulation plan. The new circulation plan also automatically does not receive any line restrictions. However, both circulation plans are automatically given a filter and are operated in the filter mode - this is the better solution for most applications than the manual selection mode (see also topic #40713).

However, the procedure is only possible with drives of the same engine series. Planning train rides with different engine series in a circulation plan is conceptually not planned and is not recommended. It is nevertheless possible, but only in manual selection mode.



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