40710: How can I create circulation plans for a specific date? How can I avoid that trains, which lock out each other, appear in the circulation at the same time?

Although a timetable period is as a rule about one year long, circulation plans are only created for significantly shorter periods (days). The reason for this is that the timetable is usually repeated from week to week and therefore the circulation plan also does not need to be longer than one week. However, when holidays or other special operating days come into play, this principle does no longer work. The following problems may occur:

  • Trains that have the same regular operating days (e.g. daily), but which mutually exclude each other by the special operating days (e.g. during holidays / not in the holidays), may not be included in the same circulation plan.
  • Trains, which only run on individual days (relief trains, corrective drives) may not appear in any regular circulation plan. But since their operating days are “called” for example "daily, only 13.08." Or "Mi [S], only 13.08.", they look for the circulation plan as if they run daily or always on Wednesdays.

In order to avoid such problems, a distinction must be made between regular and special circulation plans. Since summer 2008, FBS is able to generate both types of circulation plans. For more information, please refer to the separate document circulation plans with Date (German PDF, 128kB).

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