40705: How can recurring special transport services (in particular, reinforcement services for, for example, football matches) be presented in the programme?

First create the trains the way, as they were ordered or how you use them in your daily business, when there are no special features. Then create an operating day area in the calendar of a network, which describes the appropriate event.

Please consider that the operating times may be different at different times (for example football matches are not always polled at the same time on the same days). Now adjust the train runs accordingly in such a way that the additional or failing runs refer to this operating day area - In the train data the operating day area should be specified explicitly as a reference so that any later changes of the operating days will be considered automatically in the train part data. It is certainly very useful here if you assign a more striking colour to these train parts, in order to find them more easily in circulation.

Now you can "activate" the divergent vehicle utilizations by just adding the respective days to the operating day area.

If you have already determined a circulation for this vehicle type, you can adjust it to a new week using the right mouse button on the network (object list in the network overview window, menu point Copy existing circulation plan to a new validity period). Keep in mind that the first day of this circulation should always be the last day of the current one, in order to take account of the corresponding vehicle transitions. The new and the current circulation should therefore overlap one day.

Further services (refuelling, cleaning, ...) that are possibly contained in the current circulation plan remain in the circulation. You immediately get the reconciliation window of the circulation plan, which allows you to check the relevant deviations. Now recalculate the circulation and adapt it accordingly to the particular characteristics (coupling and parking sequence, ...).

Simplified, of course, you can also calculate the circulation for such an event once and then just "pull it out of the drawer" and adapt the validity date accordingly. Practically, however, it can happen that changes in the operating procedure (construction sites, other events, public holidays, etc.) have to be made to one train ride or the other.

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