40430: In a customer´s timetable, a generic number footnote e.g. [13] is displayed for the operating days Mon-Fri[S] or W[Sat] instead of the default symbol (A). What could be the reason for this?

There are basically two types of symbols for operating days:

  • Default symbols (A),(C) , ... for standard operating days such as Mon-Fri[S] or Sat+S
  • Generic number footnotes such as [1], [13], ... for all other special operating days such as Mo-Fr [S]; not on 24, 31.12

The default symbols for the respective operating days are permanently stored in the programme.

For regulations for which there are no default symbols, a generic number footnote is created the first time they appear in the FBS-network. If necessary, the symbols can be adapted in the list for the default legend entries (main network window --> "Options" --> "Default legend for operating days").

In principle, generic footnotes overwrite the default symbols. This means that if, for example, a rule [3] for Mon-Fri[S] is stored in the list of default legend entries, the symbol [3] is displayed in the customer´s timetable instead of the usual (A). If this is not desired, the entry [3] for Mon-Fri[S] must be deleted from the list of default legend entries.

Of course, this functionality can also be used to deliberately prevent the output of default symbols.


I have not created an additional default legend entry for a standard symbol. Nevertheless, there is one in the list. How can this be?

Such phenomena can occur especially when period of a network is continued. For example, a Mon-Fri [S]; not on 24th,31.12 becomes a Mon-Fri [S] if the 24th and 31.12 fall on a weekend in the following year.

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