20274: How can terminus stations be created / taken into account in FBS, or how can a turning within a journey be displayed?

You can store the information on terminus stations or the reversings in the infrastructure data (from version 04/2017). For example, under Network Main View --> Edit --> Edit reversings, you can define for all junctions in the network how to proceed with trains that end or start from a route and continue on a different route. For this purpose, you can specify by direction (there and back) whether the sets shall run through or turn.

At the moment, the terminus/ run through information is used to obtain the drawing sequence for turning multi-part trains in the circulation plan. If, for example, a two-part train ends at station X and passes into a new train, then the a-part must become the b-part and vice versa. If no change of direction during the turnaround is necessary in station X, in this situation, on the other hand, the a-part of the arriving train should become the a-part of the departing train, etc.

To change the train section sequence within a train run - without a circulation transition - there is the possibility of manual entry: To do this, a change of the route path must first be placed in the train data window at the terminus (if there is not yet one already). There must therefore be at least two train run sections, start station to terminus and terminus to end station. Now the train sequence can be turned on the first section behind the terminus station. To do this, the third button from the right can be used under the drawbar table to "Rotate total train". Naturally, a manual serial exchange is also possible by moving up / down / down.

It is intended to automate the manual rotation of the entire train formation in a future version by evaluating the already existing turning information (see above).

Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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