10090: Is there a possibility to define which FBS installation is used, when an FBS file is opened with a double click?

The FBS installation which should be used when opening an FBS file (*.ntz file) by double- clicking on the file, can be configured at any time and changed as often as desired. For this configuration please follow these steps:

  • Open the start window (FBS.exe) of the preferred FBS version. Please make sure that it is actually started from the folder of the desired version - start the corresponding FBS.exe from a file manager by double-clicking it if necessary.
  • In the start window go to --> “Installation and maintenance” --> “configuration setting” --> “FBS file types” and click on “Register all FBS file types with default settings”. You also can set the registration of each file type individually with a right click.

Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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