10085: When starting FBS, the error message "An error occurred (error number: -100) when reading the license plug". What does this mean and how can the error be fixed?

The error with the error number -100 means that no driver for the license plug is installed. FBS does not work without a driver installation. First, install the driver for the license plug. An integrated driver installation can be used via the FBS Start window --> Installation and maintenance --> Install license plug driver.

Please note that the build-in installation for FBS editions before 2018 is only supported for Windows XP and Windows 7. For Windows 10 the build-in driver installation is available since January 2018. For older versions the installation of the FBS-driver must be performed manually. To do this, open the FBS installation CD with a file manager (for example, Windows Explorer, Total Commander, etc.) and display the contents of the CD. On the CD, you will find the HASP User Setup application at --> System --> Driver V741 Setup. You can use this to manually install the required driver.

Administrator privileges are required to install the driver. Please also refer to the FAQ ID 10086.

Last update on 18.06.2021 by iRFP Support.

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