10070: When retrieving an online update for FBS, the message "The retrieved update ... contains invalid data" occurs. What can I do?

This message occurs if your company's virus scanner or firewall is set "too restrictive". These unjustifiably recognize a problematic character string in the updates and replace or remove it during the download, resulting in a modified file arriving at FBS. FBS then recognizes the data has been manipulated and rejects the installation.

Our only recommendation is to check the reason your virus scanner or firewall are changing the update and adjust their configuration accordingly with a system administrator. For example, data coming from the iRFP server could be scanned at a less restrictive level . Alternatively, your system administrator may pre- scan the data once and then store it as "safe" for the corporate network. The FBS update function accesses the target URL update.fsbbahn.de (only access from the FBS.exe; IP adress is determined by DNS resolution) with the HTTP protocol via port 80.

via "Updates/ Technical notes for network administrators".

Of course, we are also available to your system administrator for performing individual case tests. However, since signatures for anti- virus programs are mostly based on heuristic assumptions and usually change very quickly, there are unfortunately no basic measures to avoid such effects.

Last update on 11.01.2021 by iRFP Support.

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