70108: I have entered a traction vehicle into the FBS traction engine database, but can not use it on another computer. The engine is only displayed in gray in FPL when "Show unavailable eingine" is activated.

Manually entered engines are only usable for users within a company. This is a protection against misuse of personal or company-internal data. If you create an engine manually, the license name is stored with the traction vehicle under which you place it. The traction vehicle is then only visible to users with the same license name. If you now pass the engine database to a cooperating company, the engine may perhaps not be used there.

The only option is to go to iRFP's FBS service to unlock the vehicle. To do this, you must send the FBS.tfz file or the * .tfz file you have added to the email address specified in the programme under Help --> Info.

Please also note that we are happy to take over the addition of the engines as a service for our customers with a maintenance contract. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a new engine. This is particularly useful when it comes to longer-term vehicles with a higher accuracy requirement for the calculation of the travel time because more and more detailed configuration options are available to us. On the other hand, the self-entering of traction units is more likely to be needed if it has to go quickly and does not have to be so exact.

Last update on 21.01.2020 by iRFP Support.

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