61020: I need a railML® file with operating station numbers / IBNR. What settings do you need to use when exporting?

The numbers are taken from the field station number of the FBS station database when exporting - of course, only if they are specified there. The FBS example station database for Germany, which ships with iRFP, already contains (version from 06/2012) the IBNR (international station number) of most of the stations in Germany.

If these numbers are used in the export - which usually is the case - you only have to make sure that the current version of the station database is used in your network. To do this, go to the Network Main View (Map) in iPLAN and select the menu item Edit --> Network Administration --> References. Please check that the file specified in the operating directory is the current one. Please also check whether the station database is the same for the entire network. If not a “?” Button is displayed behind the database. Please than re-assign it (use the ...-button again to select the correct file), save and close the entire network.

The operating numbers are output in the railML files as follows:

  up to RailML-version 2.1:
     <ocp id='ocp_DN' abbrevation='DN' number='8010089' name='Dresden-Neustadt'>

  from RailML-version 2.2:
     <ocp id='ocp_DN' name='Dresden-Neustadt' type='operationalName'>
        <designator register='IBNR' entry='8010089'/>

In this example 8010089 is the operating number. If you open the RailML file with a text viewer and search for a station name, you can see if and which numbers were assigned.

If you need a different operating number than the IBNR or use a different station database, the numbers should be entered in the station number field of each operating station in the database. This can be done with the FBS station database editor (program BSV, see menu programs). If you have an assignment list “abbreviation-number” as a text file, we can certainly help you import the numbers and save a lot of work - please contact iRFP.

Please also note the option All operating stations must have an operating number under content checks in the window of the RailML export interface. In order to restrict the operating stations to be exported, you can use the options under Infrastructure - without pure access points and without pure runtime measuring points, because for these stations there are usually no numbers.




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