40427: The station names are too long for the train run row ("from" and "to") and are cut off. What can be done about it?

If station names in the fields of the train run row ("from" and "to") are cut off due to the word length, it is possible to carry out an optional word break (syllable separation). The following steps are necessary for this:

  1. Use the Station Database Editor to open your operating directory.
  2. Right-click and select "Show positions of possible word wraps" to display the wrap points (|)
  3. Locate the operating station where a syllable separation is to be performed.
  4. After double-clicking on the location spot, add the character | at locations in the traffic names on which the syllable separation should take place. The character is not displayed in the output in the customer's timetable. From the station Tegernsee it is created, for example, Te | gern | see.
  5. If necessary, the program will automatically disconnect the railway stations at the designated location in the costumer’s timetable.

Notice that the sign | may be inserted only in the case of traffic names. If there is no traffic name, you may enter the company name.

Last update on 20.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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