21503: Is it possible to hide the trains for one direction of travel in the graphic timetable?

In certain cases, it may be desired to hide the trains of one direction of travel. This option is especially useful if so many trains are otherwise displayed that the graphic timetable becomes very confusing.

For some time now, it has been possible to hide trains using train groupings. Proceed as follows to hide trains:

  • Define a new train grouping e.g. "Direction 1". This is done via the network administration (tab page "Layers and groupings"). You can access the network administration in the main network view --> "Edit" --> "Network administration".
  • Now you can use the train groupings to hide trains in the graphic timetable. To do this, open the desired graphic timetable and call up the menu item "Edit" --> "Edit several trains".
  • Select all trains of one direction in the list. Sort the list by direction (Dir.) if necessary.
  • After a right click, select the option "Move/copy selected trains to a different layer...". --> "Change membership of layer" --> "Switch on train group "Direction 1".--> Close window with "Ok".
  • Now you can hide the desired direction of travel in the graphic timetable using the levels and train groupings selection. To do this, open the layer selection window ("View" --> "Layers and train groupings") and select the option "Show trains of the following groupings only" and the corresponding train grouping (in the described case "Direction 1") in the lower area of the window. Close the window with "Ok".

Now only the trains of the selected train grouping will be displayed. In this way further constellations can be realized when fading out (e.g. fading out long-distance trains or trains of other companies).

Please note that in step 4, train groupings can only be set if the selected trains are displayed in the graphic timetable over their entire route (--> Train is not fixed).

Last update on 20.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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