20899:Double-clicking on a line in the "Show Arrival / Departure Times" window opens only one remark field. How can you enter a time here?

This option hides - as is often the case with FBS - behind the control key (Ctrl key): If you hold Ctrl and double-click a line in the window show arrival / departure times, the input possibility including operational times appears

The extended input is an "expert function" and therefore undocumented and "hidden". The manual correction of arrival / departure times is officially not planned, as the surcharge (in the window show arrival / departure times, select several lines and call up Enter surcharge with the right mouse button - see also issue #21000) or define a surcharge rule (Traffic input data) or the travel time-speed conversion (Infrastructure data --> speeds) can be used. The use of one of these options has the advantage that no yellow exclamation point appears as with the manual correction of the arrival / departure times.



Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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