20574: I have to plan a train on the opposite track and need a speed profile for the track. Should I create a "new" speed profile or make the profile of the control track also valid for the siding?

(In this case, it is assumed that the permissible speeds are the same in the normal track and the track of opposite direction)

In general, the following applies:

  • It is quite possible to have speed profiles, which are valid for the normal track and the track of opposite direction.
  • However, there are inherent problems when you create an iPLAN graphic timetable that runs over sections of the route, which are subject to section-wise separate speed profiles for normal tracks and tracks of opposite directions, and sections, which use the same speed profile for both tracks. In such a case, the program would have to make a "2:1 assignment", meaning that the two separate profiles of the one section would somehow have to be assigned to the one common profile of the other section. This is, of course, not easily possible from the programme technical view.
  • For this reason, you should only use common speed profiles for control and opposite tracks if this applies consistently throughout the entire iPLAN network.
  • This will only be realistic in a few smaller networks or specific situations. In normal networks, sooner or later there is a need to apply different speeds to the track of opposite direction as compared to the normal track. Therefore, our recommendation is to use speed profiles, which are separate for the tracks.

    In order to make this easier, we have provided a function to simply copy a speed profile of the normal track for the track of opposite direction.

This function is located in the window for editing a speed profile on the Actions tab.

With regard to connecting speed profiles in iPLAN graphic timetables, we point out that speed profiles must be "iPLAN compatible":

  • The speed profiles should have no names.
  • If a name is unavoidable, all speed profiles that are related to each other must have the same name, which should then only be reduced to a common feature (e.g. "Geko 2014").
  • Under no circumstances should the term "Direction (Something)" be used in the name; Instead, the valid direction of travel must be set on the "Function" tab page. There, any further conditions should be set.

In iPLAN, only the speed profiles with the same properties are connected. As a peculiarity, the exception is that an "only normal track list" also fits to a "normal track and track of opposite direction list", but there is not the 2:1 assignment indicated above.

Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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