20553: What additional mandatory settings regarding the re-use are available for train parts?

The available adjustment possibilities are possible per train part and itinerary section. All setting options are independent of each other. They are called up by right-clicking in the train data window on the respective train part in the desired route. You have the following options in the menu that opens.

Do not include train part in travel time calculation:

If you select this setting, the driving dynamics of this train part are not taken into account during the travel time calculation. This is indicated by a crossed-out F. For each train and itinerary section, at least one train part must be included in the travel time calculation. This setting can be used, e.g. when inserting an additional train part. The travel times do not change, even if the additional train part would also allow a faster route.

Do not include the train part in the circulation plan:

If this option is selected, this train part is not taken into account in the circulation plan. The selection of this setting is indicated by a crossed U. The selection can be made for each train part and itinerary. It is possible to exclude all train parts (on all sections) for the circulation plan.

Do not publish a train part:

By selecting this option, the selected train part is not displayed in the information media, e.g. the customer's timetable, arrival and departure posters. The selection of the option is indicated by a crossed out O. In this option all train parts of a train can be excluded from the publication.

By selecting this option, you can prevent a "test train" or a train that is not yet to be published, for example, to appear incorrectly in the information media.

Do not order the train part:

The selection of this option prevents the selected train part from being ordered via the FBS-TPN interface during an order. Trains which are not to be booked are marked with a crossed-out line B.


Note that the settings you make here are not affected by "help" in the case of circulating plans or the like and can't be overtaken. A train part, which is not to be taken into circulation in the corresponding section, can not be included there again! This shall apply appropriate also for customer's timetables or arrival and departure posters.

Last update on 08.02.2021 by iRFP Support.

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