20552: What are the possibilities to automatically include only a certain train part in the case of multiple traction in the circulation plan?

There are basically two approaches.

Approach 1:

  • In the train data window, enter the "Do not include the train part in the circulation" feature for all train parts that you do not want to include. Non-included pull parts are marked with a crossed-through U.
  • This is very complex with a large number of multiple tractions. Therefore use the second approach in many multi-tractions.

Approach 2:

  • First, create a graphic timetable over the entire path of the trains whose additional train components you do not want to include in the schedule. On the "Edit" tab, open the "Edit Multiple Trains" menu. Next, select all trains that you do not want to include with a right-mouse click, and after a right-click, select "Edit data for selected trains ...".
  • In the window that opens, there opens first the tab "train parts", where you select under the menu item "The changes of this register site are valid" for which trains you want to make the following changes, by selecting "Advanced", you will get further settings for this.
  • At this point there are two possibilities again. Either you select "set/delete further properties" in the menu point so that the train parts are not to be
  • Or you assign a line to these train parts. You can then use these in the circulation to filter out the train parts.

Please note that this approach does not include the train parts over the entire itinerary in the circulation. You want to include train parts in the circulation, depending on the route, e.g. for mapping strengths and weaknesses, then

  • Use either approach 1, and assign the "Include train part not in circulation plan" property to the section;
  • Or use approach 2, setting the graphic timetable only over the section in which the train parts are not to be included in the circulation

Last update on 21.01.2020 by iRFP Support.

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