20551: How can the train parts be duplicated / copied?

Make adjustments to only one train

If you want to make this adjustment with just one train, the fastest way is to copy the already existing train part in the train data window:

  • To do this, open the train data window of the train to be processed. Now right-click on the already existing train part and select "Copy train part ...".
  • Now select a new train number and whether or not the operation days should be split. Now click on "Ok". The train was now extended by a copy of the already existing train section.
  • If the train is in a clocked group, the change will be transferred to all other trains of the clocked group.

To make adjustments to several trains

If you want to make the adjustment for several trains, use the now more efficient and more efficient approach:

  • In the Network Main View, open the menu item "Overview Trains" under the "Evaluation" tab page. In the "Trains" tab, select the trains where you want to multiply the train parts. Right-click one of the selected trains and choose "Multiply the train parts of the selected trains ...".
  • Now make the necessary settings and confirm with "Ok". The train parts of all selected trains were now duplicated.

Last update on 21.01.2020 by iRFP Support.

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