20350: I would like to create a part line between the railway stations of a graphic timetable, but FBS cuts the signs of the arrival / departure times to the left and right of the train stations. How can this be prevented?

The overlap of the train lines by the time scale of the graphic timetable is dependent on whether the entire route is printed or just a partial route. A partial route means that an individual route section has been set for the route resolution of the graphic timetable (View --> Length resolution...).

If only a partial section of the graphic timetable is drawn, the overlap is small, so that no train line can reach a time specification of the time scale. Therefore, the train lines and all labels may be cut this way that information may be lost.

On the other hand, when the total line is emitted, the covering is allowed up to the margins, that means the train lines (here: arrival / departure lines of the first or last station) and their time and track labels can cover the hours. However, no information is lost (as long as they fit in the margin).

In order to keep the labels completely visible, even in the case of partial lines, the simplest way is to move the expression boundaries to the outside (by entering any number of kilometres in the fields from and to. However, that also changes scale. If this is not wanted, you can create a copy of the file with only the part line (copy file without trains, under infrastructure data / line / delete part of line) and then reinsert the trains for the part line (Edit /assume trains from other file), so that you can print out a complete graphic timetable for the desired segment and the labels will not be trimmed.

Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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