20275: Which tunnel cross-section must be specified when defining two single-track tunnels on an otherwise double-track line? Do two single-track lines even have to be created for the tunnel section?

An essential component in the definition of tunnels in FBS is the tunnel cross-section. However, this is only used for the dynamic calculation of the increased air resistance (tunnel resistance). Therefore, it does not matter whether there are one or two tracks in the tunnel tube or whether it is a double-track or two single-track tunnels. FBS does not check whether two tracks actually fit into a tunnel with e.g. 30 m² or whether it is a question of two parallel tunnels with 30 m² each.

This means that for the definition of two single-track, parallel tunnels, only the cross-section of one of the two tunnels must always be specified. In very few cases, two single-track routes need to be created when defining these. This is only necessary if the tunnel lengths or cross-sections of the two tracks differ significantly.


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