20120: How can you make the minutes (arrival and departure times) easier to read in the graphic timetable on the monitor?

The output principle "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) means that a sheet and all graphical elements displayed on screen have exactly the same proportions as on the printout. If, for example to display a full DIN-A2 sheet on the screen, the sheet and its entire contents must be proportionally reduced (since screens are generally smaller than DIN A2). If you have set a font size of 6-8 for the minute indications, they are still clearly readable on printout (ie 1: 1). When the size of the sheet is reduced, however, there is almost nothing left to see. The problem is further intensified by the fact that the screen has way fewer and much larger dots than a printer, so that a character of the same size has to be displayed much coarser, "rasterized". As a result, small characters are not as easily readable as in the printout, even when the screen is 1: 1.

The problem is of a physical nature and, therefore, can fundamentally not be solved as the printer and screen have different technical characteristics. There are, however, the following solutions which work practically well:

  1. To work on the screen, switch to a smaller sheet format (edit / timetable-dependant display settings / units & layout). The smaller the sheet, the less it has to be scaled down on the screen, and the larger the fonts appear. Thus, with a sheet format of DIN A2 to be printed, it can be quite practical to work with the A4 on the screen. However, before printing, switch back to the target sheet format and check the relative position of the train labels.
  2. Use the screen magnifier integrated in FBS, which you can access by pressing the space bar. The area around the cursor is enlarged by factor three. The magnifying glass disappears by pressing the space bar, escape key or by moving the mouse.
  3. Do not work with full sheet view (sheet width) but "zoom in". While holding the ALT key you drag a “zoom rectangle” with the mouse. Pressing ALT+F12 repeatedly toggles between Zoom View and Page View to navigate. In addition, it is possible, by pressing the shift key to show the arrival time of the current train at the last station and other things, so in many cases you do not even need to see the entire page.

Of course, you can also increase the font size of the minute indications. However, this also affects the expression if it is not reset before printing. Normally, it is therefore easier to adjust the sheet size (as shown in (a)) instead of changing all font sizes.

Please note that all the depictions mentioned here apply not only to the picture timetable but to all FBS objects. The screen magnifier also works for the interval graphics or the customer's timetable for example.

Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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