10350: How can you set which brake tables apply? What is the setting of the brake tables important for?

The set of brake tables can be set once for the whole FBS-network in the general network data in the tab Techn. data. They have an effect on the calculation of the minimum braking percentage at train data / dynamics and in the driver's timetable. A set of brake tables can contain any number of brake tables which, in their entirety, must cover the relationship between the braking percentage, the pre-signal distances, the gradient and the speed of all exiting operating cases. Since the braking percentage is standardized by the UIC and the wagons should be interchangeable, it is illogical in principle that there are several sets of brake tables (within the scope of the UIC). The use of more than one set of braking tables within a network is therefore not supported.

If no brake table is set, FBS uses an approximation formula for older German braking tables so that a simplified approach is possible and the basic context is maintained.

Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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