10150: Can I copy a table from FBS to the clipboard?

You can copy all tables from FBS to the clipboard, for example, to insert them into a text or table programme. Proceed as follows:

  • Put the "focus" into the table - the table must be active and "receive" key input. To do so, either click the table with the mouse, or press the Tab key until the table is active. It does not matter which row or cell of the table is selected.
  • Press Ctrl + Insert.

The entire table content is now copied to the clipboard; a success report does not occur. You can switch to the target programme and paste the text there.

For some tables - where this is often required - there is a special button or context menu entry for copying to the clipboard. This is equivalent to the key combination and is only available so that you do not necessarily have to memorize it by heart.

Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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