10086: The driver for the FBS license dongle cannot be installed / uninstalled. No user name or license number is displayed.

The driver for the FBS license dongle can only be installed if administrator rights are present. The installation of the driver is only possible with the FBS installation programme (Install.exe) and the programme FBS.exe (FBS start window) - not through the rest of the FBS programmes. You must start one of the two programmes at least once.

In Windows 7, there are no administrative rights by default, even if the user is an administrator. Rather, you have to start a programme explicitly with administrative rights (right mouse button --> run as administrator). If the installation of the driver is necessary, the FBS.exe tries to do that with administrator rights. If this is possible, the user is prompted to confirm (or enter an administrator login). If there are any problems with the installation of the driver, please first try to start the programme explicitly with administrator rights (right mouse button --> run as administrator).

Since, due to the Plug & Play detection, the installation can only be completed when the license dongle is being plugged in, at the end of a successful installation, you may be asked to unplug and reconnect the plug. In the case of an initial installation, it is recommended that the dongle is only plugged into the computer when the FBS installation programme or FBS.exe prompts you to do so.

The installation state of the driver can be checked in the FBS Start window (FBS.exe) by clicking Installation and maintenance --> install FBS dongle driver. Here, the driver can also be reinstalled (if necessary) and uninstalled.

Administrator rights are also required to uninstall and reinstall the dongle drive. In addition, the license dongle has to be removed when uninstalling.

Last update on 19.03.2020 by iRFP Support.

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